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On the grapevine

  • Call on arrival
  • Call on arrival. . BBQ sauce on the pizza pleas
  • last time we ordered a pizza we were owed �2
  • We are four people can we have more mayo sauce please, thank
  • Please add to the margarita pineapple, sweetcorn, mushroom.
  • Can I have some garlic sauce
  • No spring onions please!
  • Draw a turtle on the box :)
  • Please could we have chillies/Jalapenos on the Oriental?
  • Please DON'T add normal cheese, just put on Parmesan cheese!
  • Call web delivery
  • extra chilli please
  • Could i have extra cheese instead of salami if poss pls
  • No green peppers sub red onion
  • Cheese on garlic bread please
  • please don't forget to give garlic sauce. thank you
  • write a joke on the box
  • Extra BBQ sauce please
  • If veg is included on the pizza can we not have it on there
  • Can they both have sweet corn
  • Cheese on garlic bread
  • No mushrooms on either pizza please
  • Hi could you please supply some dips with this
  • No sweetcorn please and please make sure it's hot. Thank you
  • Pineapple instead of mushroom please as I'm allergic. Thanks
  • Please make sure it's hot - thanks lots
  • Can I have some garlic mayo and bbq
  • draw a hippo on the box
  • Please swap garlic bread for 4-5 more chicken wings
  • Pineapple instead of mushrooms please as I'm allergic Thanks