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Red Planet Pizza's opening hours:
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On the grapevine

  • Bbc sauce please
  • extra pot of garlic and herb dip please
  • Please don't put too many jalapeños
  • no mushrooms instead can i have sweetcorns
  • In a flat buzz for number 6
  • Please make sure its hot - thank you!
  • Cheesy chips
  • No spring onion on one of the pizza's
  • extra tomato sauce plz, if it will alter price, gimme a call
  • No mushrooms!!!! Thank you
  • Change the chillies to jalepeanos on the hoteater please
  • extra garlic and herb dip sauce please
  • write your fave football team on box
  • Veg hot: mushrooms replaced by sweetcorn? If not, no shrooms
  • Please don't put too many jalapeños!! Thank you!!
  • I would like an extra tub of garlic sauce on the side please
  • extra black olives and sweetcorn on four cheese pizza please
  • call mobile on delivery
  • Please remove the spicy pork from the meat club pizza, thanx
  • A mix of dips please :)
  • Extra cheese on top
  • Apt 36. call at door and I will come down.
  • Meet us outside the school
  • draw a dinosaur on the box
  • Need the food ASAP!
  • Ring on arrival .