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On the grapevine

  • change green chillies to jalepenos on the hoteater please
  • Extra Chillies on the Oriental please
  • From Catteshall Lane, turn into Alderbank Drive, then right
  • Switch the mixed peppers for pineapple on the vegetarian one
  • behind the red cross charity shop in bridge mews. blue door
  • Draw a unicorn on the box with a smiling face, please :)
  • Delivered by the hottest delivery guy you have please :)
  • On hot eater change chillies to jalapenos
  • Pls replace sweet corn with black olives. Thx
  • bring to window at top of drive please
  • Extra chillies but no sweetcorn on the Oriental please
  • change chillies to jalepenos on hot eater please
  • call mobile on delivery
  • change chillies to jalepenos on the hot eater please
  • call plz dont ring the doorbell thanks
  • Please supply HALF AND HALF. Prosciutto and Meat Feast.
  • No cheese on the 'Big Pig' pizza please
  • JalapeƱo on the pepperoni pizza please
  • no peperoni please
  • No onions- gruyere cheese or more mushrooms instead please!
  • Can i get olives instead of fresh tomato please?
  • change chillies to jelapenos on the hot eater please
  • No bacon on the BBQ western pizza please and extra galic sau
  • garlic and herb crust
  • no salami on the mega meat please