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On the grapevine

  • Please make sure it's hot - thanks lots
  • Can I have some garlic mayo and bbq
  • draw a hippo on the box
  • Please swap garlic bread for 4-5 more chicken wings
  • Pineapple instead of mushrooms please as I'm allergic Thanks
  • Non spicy chicken wings please
  • peri peri chicken instead of ham
  • Make the other half western bbq please!
  • No salami please
  • add more tomato sauce please in the pizza ,, thnx
  • Pepperoni on the vegetarian pizza
  • BBQ dipping sauce please
  • Half and half please - kebab pizza one half, plain cheese an
  • go up drive, turn left, follow road to Woodies
  • Please could you write a joke on the box?
  • No spring onions please, extra cheese instead.
  • Deliver at Manor Park - Francis Creek road at bus stop
  • Please make sure it's hot - thanks lots!
  • Phone when outside
  • add more tomato sauce in the pizza (WAY MORE) please thnx ;)
  • no ham but tomatoes please (sliced)
  • No Spring Onions!!, Extra Mozzarella instead!
  • Change green chillies to jalepenos on hot eater please
  • Pineapple instead of mushroom please! Allergic to mushroom.
  • Red planet special-no mushrooms-more tomato, please.
  • Extra cheese if possible please
  • No bbq sauce on the western bbq pizza unless on the side pls
  • Please make sure its hot. thanks lots
  • Salami as well please :)